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Inclement Weather

When travelling during inclement weather, please plan ahead.  If you are making connections, please contact your connecting agency before departure to ensure there will be a ride waiting for you on the other end.  Please plan to leave early and to anticipate a wait time.  Many routes are behind schedule to ensure safe driving.  Below is a list of connecting agencies for your convenience.

Winter Weather Plan and Route Deviation Maps

Sometimes the buses will need to deviate to alternate routes due to inclement weather.  Below is a link to our Emergency Operations Plan and links to maps of alternate snow routes for each route.  A Rider Alert will be placed on the website each weekday by 5:30am and on weekends by 8:00am if an alternate or deviated route is being used.  Once a Rider Alert is placed, periodic updates will occur throughout the day until the routes are back to normal.

Please click each link to view documents.

2016 Emergency Operations Plan

All Snow Route Maps