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Winter Weather Routing: Wednesday, February 13, 2019- 12:00 pm

Updated 2/13/19, 12:00 pm

Jefferson Transit will deviate some routes to snow routing Wednesday, February 13, 2019, due to winter weather conditions. Riders should expect delays. If you plan to travel, please check Jefferson Transit’s website for updates on weather-related route detours and possible route closures. Rider Alerts are updated periodically throughout the day.

The following routes will operate on normal routing:

  • #1 Brinnon / Quilcene / Tri-Area Route:
    • The #1 Brinnon will end its route at the Blackpoint stop before heading back to Port Townsend. No Service to Triton Cove or connection to Mason Transit.
  • #2 Fort Worden
  • #3 Castle Hill Connector
  • #4 Upper Sims Loop
  • #8 Sequim Route:
    • Jefferson Transit may have difficulty accessing some stops on Highway 101 due to snow accumulation. The following stops have been identified as not serviceable at this time:
      • Gardner Cemetery stop
      •  S’Klallam Tribal Center stop
      • Diamond Point/ Chicken Coop
  • Olympic Connection: Expect delays. Amanda Park passengers please be aware if the lot is not plowed at the Amanda Park Mercantile, the driver will not be able to pull into the lot. The driver will pull off at the next roadway.

The following routes deviate to snow routing: 

  • #6 Tri-area Loop:  #6A Snow Routing Map#6B Snow Routing Map
    • Tri-Area loops with not service Pattison St & 7th St:
      • #6A will deviate left on Montgomery, left on Cedar, and continue to Ness corner
      • #6B will deviate to continue on Cedar to Mongomery, right on Montgomery, left on Irondale road
      • The Tri-Area will not service HJ Carol Park.
  • #7 Poulsbo / Port Ludlow / Tri-Area Route: Deviation #1: Snow Routing Map
    •  If you plan to make the Jefferson & Kitsap connection at North Viking, please check Kitsap Transit’s and Jefferson Transit’s websites for route and schedule information.
  • #11 Port Townsend Shuttle:#11A Snow Routing Map, #11B Snow Routing Map

Winter Weather Tips:

  • If your trip includes connecting with other transit agencies or WSDOT ferry service, before heading out, please check connecting agency websites for possible route delays or route closures.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your bus stop.
  • Use bus stops on main arterial streets.
  • If your stop is on a hill, wait for the bus at the top or bottom of the hill, not the middle.
  • Buses may run late, please anticipate that it may take longer to reach your destination.
  • Your bus may slide when it stops. When you see the bus, step back from the curb on the sidewalk or grass. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop then approach the door.
  • Dress warmly.
  • The floor of the bus may be slippery.  Please use caution.
  • If you are traveling after dark, carry a flashlight.

See All Route Deviation Maps.

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