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Rider Alert: WSDOT Active Transportation Plan: Online open house

Dear Community Partner,

We appreciate your help spreading the word that the online open house for the state active transportation plan is now live and ready for people to read and respond by Nov. 30.

What you’ll find on the WSDOT Active Transportation Plan Online Open House:

  • A questionnaire that asks:
    • Information about you to help us understand whether we have received responses from a sample that represents all Washington residents
    • What you use for transportation
    • What prevents you from using active transportation more often
    • What would make it more likely that you would walk, bike or roll
    • What’s unique about your community or region
    • What’s most important for government to focus on for future changes to the transportation system that affect walking, bicycling and rolling
  • Upcoming events where you can talk with WSDOT staff about active transportation
  • The definition of active transportation
  • Our state routes analysis: How we’re creating decision-making tools to help us identify and prioritize future changes
  • Maps for your feedback: State routes color-coded by Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) and a form for your comments about what you think of this approach. (What is LTS anyway? We explain in the online open house.)

Send this link to everyone you know: http://bit.ly/WSDOT-ATP-Online-Open-House.

On all social media: Use the tag #WSDOTactive.

A tweet you can send as-is or revise:

Live in WA state? Visit the online open house for #WSDOTactive State Active Transportation Plan http://bit.ly/WSDOT-ATP-Online-Open-House. Share your opinions on the questionnaire + tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers so they can too.

Facebook post:

We appreciate you going to this post on the WSDOT account page and sharing it to your page: https://www.facebook.com/WSDOT/posts/10156461395931975 (check “include original post”).

You can share the original post without adding any text, use the tweet language for your Facebook sharing, or write your own. The additional traffic created by sharing the original post will help it rank higher in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm so more people will see it, rather than each of us creating a new separate post with the online open house link.

For more information: WSDOTactive@wsdot.wa.gov.

Barb Chamberlain
Director – Active Transportation Division
WA State Dept. of Transportation
Seattle office: 206-716-1130

Pronouns: She/her/hers

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