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  • Remember to set your clocks backward one hour this Sunday, November 6th, 2022 for Day Light Saving Time.


Resolution 22-01 Kingston Fast Ferry ILA
Resolution 22-02 2022 TAG Meeting Schedule
Resolution 22-03 Ratification of JTA-ATU 2022-2024 CBA
Resolution 22-04 Hazard Pay MOU
Resolution 22-05 Capital Budget Amendment
Resolution 22-06 Operating Budget Amendment
Resolution 22-07 Long Range Plan
Resolution 22-08 2022 Certifications and Assurances
Resolution 22-09 Removing Authorized Signers from the Fiscal Accounts
Resolution 22-10 Designating signers to the PRTPO Account
Resolution 22-11 JTA Mission and Core Values Update
Resolution 22-12 Fare Policy Update
Resolution 22-13 Amended Reserve Fund Policy
Resolution 22-14 Approve GM to sign Agreement for Professional Services
Resolution 22-15 Bylaws Amendment
Resolution 22-16 Authorizing GM to purchase a Four Shelters
Resolution 22-17 Approve GM to purchase a Transformer
Resolution 22-18 Transformer Purchase Amendment
Resolution 22-19 PTD0540 ARP Act Operating Grant
Resolution 22-20 Approve GM to pay TCF Architecture
Resolution 22-21 TDP, view TDP here
Resolution 22-22 STIP 2022-2027
Resolution 22-23 Interim GM Contract Extension
Resolution 22-24 Adopting the Kingston Express Pilot as an Established Route
Resolution 22-25 Amended TAMP
Resolution 22-26 Removing Authorized Signers from JTA Financial Accounts
Resolution 22-27 Designating signers to the Financial Accounts for JTA
Resolution 22-28 Authorizing the Interim GM to Purchase a Trolley
Resolution 22-29 Authorizing the Interim GM to Purchase a Bus for JTOC
Resolution 22-30 TAG Bylaws Amendment
Resolution 22-31 Operating Budget Amendment

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