Resolution 23-02 – PTD0504 Amended Consolidated Grant Agreement

Resolution 23-03 – PT0596 Rural Mobility Grant Program (STE)

Resolution 23-04 – Longevity Incentive – 2023

Resolution 23-05 – Transportation Lab 2023 Conference Partnership

Resolution 23-06  Designating Signers for the Fiscal Accounts

Resolution 23-07  Certifications and Assurances

Resolution 23-08 WSTA Contract – Clean Fuel Standard

Resolution 23-09  Adopting Accounting and Financial Reporting for Leases Policy

Resolution 23-10 Consolidated Operating Grant

Resolution 23-11 Service Changes

Resolution 23-12 Gillig Purchase Order Purchasing Approval

Resolution 23-13 Employee code of Conduct Policy Update

Resolution 23-14 Adopting Idling Reduction Policy

Resolution 23-15 Authorizing GM to sign ILA with CTS for JTOC Service

Resolution 23-16 Authorizing the GM to execute the PRTPO ILA Renewal

Resolution 23-17 Adopting Amendments to the ADA Policy

Resolution 23-18 Adopting Amendments to the EEO Policy

Resolution 23-19 Adopting Amendments to the Title VI Policy

Resolution 23-20 Authoring Authority Chair to Sign Amended Rural Mobility Grant PTD0596

Resolution 23-21 2023 Capital Budget Amendment

Resolution 23-22 Authorizing a change in Board Resolution Signature Procedures

Resolution 23-23 Adopting the 2023-2028 TDP

Resolution 23-24 Adopting an Amendment to the 2023 Capital Budget

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