2008 Minutes

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Sj Peck
Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board

2008 Authority Board Minutes


2008 Authority Board Resolutions

 Resolution 08-01  Authorizing the Establishment of HRA VEBA Plan
Resolution 08-02  Approve Revised Non-represented Employee Plan
Resolution 08-03  Employee Years of Service Commendation
Resolution 08-04  Employee Years of Service Commendation
Resolution 08-05  Interlocal Agreement with Neighboring Transit Agencies
Resolution 08-06  Adopting a Transit Development Plan ’08-’14
Resolution 08-07  Employee Commendation
Resolution 08-08  Approve the Revised Bylaws of the CAC
Resolution 08-09  Declaration and Disposition of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 08-10  Amended Substance Abuse Policy and Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Resolution 08-11  Revising Jefferson Transit’s Bicycles on Buses Policy
Resolution 08-12  Adopting a Policy on Complimentary and Benefit Bus Passes
Resolution 08-13  Authorizing Signing 1st Amendment to Agreement GCA 5307
Resolution 08-14   Van Pool Investment Agreement GCA 5904
Resolution 08-15  Federal/State Capitol Consolidated Grant Agreement to Agreement GCA 5915
Resolution 08-16  STIP Amendment Allocating STP Flex Funds
Resolution 08-17  Resolution to Adopt a Comprehensive Service Development Plan for ’09-’14
Resolution 08-18  Resolution to Approve a Revision of the Non-Represented Employee Policy
Resolution 08-19  Federal/State Capitol Consolidated Grant Agreement to Agreement GCA 5915
Resolution 08-20 Authorizing an Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for Fuel Risk Program and Contract
Resolution 08-21  Adoption of 2009 Budgets
Resolution 08-22  Authorizing the General Manager to Sign 2009 Certifications and Assurances
Resolution 08-23  Adoption Jefferson Transit Bicycle Locker Policy and Procedures

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