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2011 Board Packets, Resolutions and Minutes

Scroll down to the document you would like to view and click on the link.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board through the contact form.

Laura Smedley
Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board


2011 Authority Board Packets

Board Packet January 2011
Board Packet February 2011
Board Packet March 2011
Board Packet April 2011
Board Packet May 2011
Board Packet June 2011
Board Packet July 2011
Board Packet August 2011
Board Packet September 2011
Board Packet October 2011
Board Packet November 2011
Board Packet December 2011


2011 Authority Board Resolution
* Please note- There is no Resolution 11-13 for the year 2011.

Resolution 11-1 Protocols for MOU
Resolution 11-2 Line of Credit
Resolution 11-3 Drug & Alcohol Policy
Resolution 11-4 Collection of Additional Sales & Use Tax
Resolution 11-5 Van Pool Shared Use MOU
Resolution 11-6 Interim GM as Audit Officer
Resolution 11-7 Interim GM as CK Signer
Resolution 11-8 2011 Amended Budgets
Resolution 11-9 Line of Credit 2
Resolution 11-10 Personal Srvs Agree-Clarity Enterprises
Resolution 11-11 Interlocal Agreement-Youth Passes
Resolution 11-12 Operating & Captial Reserve Policy
Resolution 11-14 Index of Jefferson Transit Records
Resolution 11-15 Transit Development Plan 2011-2016
Resolution 11-16 Line of Credit Signatory
Resolution 11-17 2nd Grant Amendment to GCA 6174
Resolution 11-18 Finance Manager to transfer funds
Resolution 11-19 signers on Fiscal Accounts
Resolution 11-20 Revised ADA Policy
Resolution 11-21 CAC Committee
Resolution 11-22 Code of Conduct-Exclusion Order Policy
Resolution 11-23 Intent to Dispose of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 11-24 Capitalized Asset Policy
Resolution 11-25 Signer for the Department of Ecology
Resolution 11-26 Auditing Officer
Resolution 11-27 Designate Check Signers for Fiscal Accounts
Resolution 11-28 Agreement for Legal Services
Resolution 11-29 GCA 6825 Operating Grant Agreement
Resolution 11-30 Warrant Cancellation
Resolution 11-31 Cooperative Fuel Risk Management Contract
Resolution 11-32 GCA 5996 Capital Grant STP Flex 2nd Amendment
Resolution 11-33 Fiscal Account Signers
Resolution 11-34 Kitsap Bank Line of Credit Signers
Resolution 11-35 Operating and Capital Reserve Fund Policy
Resolution 11-36 Adopt 2012 Budgets
Resolution 11-37 Designating signers for all Fiscal Accounts


2011 Authority Board Minutes

JTA Board Minutes-01-18-2011
JTA Board Minutes 02-15-2011
JTA Board Minutes 03-15-2011
JTA Board Minutes 03-22-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 03-25-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 04-19-2011
JTA Board Minutes 05-17-2011
JTA Board Minutes 05-31-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 06-21-2011
JTA Board Minutes 06-24-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 06-28-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 07-19-2011
JTA Board Minutes 07-22-2011 Special Meeting
JTA Board Minutes 08-16-2011
JTA Board Minutes 09-20-2011
JTA Board Minutes 10-18-2011
JTA Board Minutes 11-29-2011
JTA Board Minutes 12-20-2011



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