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2012 Board Packets, Resolutions and Minutes

Scroll down to the document you would like to view and click on the link.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board through the contact form.

Laura Smedley
Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board


2012 Authority Board Packets

Board Packet January 2012
Board Packet February 2012
Board Packet March 2012
No meeting in April 2012
Board Packet May 2012
Board Packet June 2012
Board Packet July 2012
Board Packet August 2012
Board Packet September 2012
Board Packet October 2012
Board Packet November 2012
Board Packet December 2012
2012 Authority Board Resolutions

Resolution 12-1 Authority Board Meeting Schedule
Resolution 12-2 Adopting Title VI Plan Update
Resolution 12-3 DBE Program Amendment
Resolution 12-4 Substance Abuse Policy and Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
Resolution 12-5 Travel & Travel Reimbursement Policy
Resolution 12-6 DBE Program and Goal 2012-2015
Resolution 12-7 Adopting Service Change Policy
Resolution 12-8 Execute Amendment 01 to Grant Agreement GCA 6825
Resolution 12-9 Adoption of Amended 2012 Capital Budget
Resolution 12-10 Updating Interlocal Agreement between JTA and CTS
Resolution 12-11 Consolidated Grant Agreement to Execute Agreement GCB1274
Resolution 12-12 Adopting Transit Development Plan 2012-2017
Resolution 12-13 Amend 6-year State Transportation Improvement Plan 2012-2017
Resolution 12-14 Authorizing Board Chair to Execute Agreement GCB1293
Resolution 12-15 WCIP Termination
Resolution 12-16 Designate Check Signers for the Fiscal Accounts of Jefferson Transit
Resolution 12-17 Intent to Dispose of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 12-18 Grant Agreement GCA 6825
Resolution 12-19 Adoption of Amended 2012 Capital Budget
Resolution 12-20 2013 Board Meeting Schedule
Resolution 12-21 Cancellation of Sunday Service
Resolution 12-22 Adoption of 2013 Budget
Resolution 12-23 Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of PT for Project Manager
2012 Authority Board Minutes

JTA Board Minutes 1-17-2012
JTA Board Minutes 02-21-2012
JTA Board Minutes 03-20-2012
No meeting in April 2012
JTA Board Minutes 05-15-2012
JTA Board Minutes 06-19-2012
JTA Board Minutes 7-17-2012
JTA Board Minutes 08-21-2012
JTA Board Minutes 09-25-2012
JTA Board Minutes 10-16-2012
JTA Board Minutes 11-20-2012
JTA Board Minutes 12-18-2012

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