Procurement Frequenty Asked Questions

How to Advertise on Buses

I would like to advertise on the inside or outside of your coaches.  How do I obtain more information?

If you are interested in placing advertising on the inside of our buses, this space is utilized for public service notices and JTA advertising.  Please contact our Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board Kelly Graves for more information at 360-385-3020 x 108 or   Jefferson Transit Authority will now utilize advertising on the outside of our buses for promotion of Jefferson Transit Authority only.

Information for Minority Owned, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, or Small Businesses

Jefferson  Transit Authority maintains a strong commitment to maximum utilization of minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses (DBE), and small businesses whether DBEs or non-DBEs. All such businesses are encouraged to participate in the competitive contracting opportunities Jefferson Transit Authority offers.

All interested firms are reminded to afford all potential business partners an equal, non-discriminatory opportunity to compete for business as joint venture partners or subcontractors. Jefferson Transit Authority is interested in firms that demonstrate a commitment to equal employment opportunity and encourages firms to employ a workforce that reflects the region’s diversity and to adhere to non-discrimination provisions.

Submit Better Bids or Proposals

My firm would like to submit a bid or a proposal for one of your open solicitations. What do we need to do to make sure that our bid or proposal receives your consideration?

Request a copy of the bid or proposal package as soon as possible after it is released so you have ample time to develop a response.

Thoroughly read the whole RFB or RFP and any accompanying documents. This explains the purpose of the project and all of the information that is required from interested vendors.

If you have questions about our solicitation, the correct format for your document, our selection process, or anything else, contact Procurement as early as possible in the process.

Most RFBs, RFQs or RFPs have scheduled pre-bid or preproposal meetings so vendors can ask us questions or obtain clarifications about the solicitations. If possible, attend the meeting to learn as much as you can about the project. If you are unable to attend, a summary of the meeting plus any Addenda to the solicitation will be posted on our Procurement page. Carefully read these to see if any requirements have changed.

Specific bid selection criteria or proposal evaluation criteria will be described in the solicitation. Make sure you understand these criteria and the project requirements so your response fully addresses what is requested. Complete or provide all additional forms, certifications or paperwork requested in the solicitation.

Every RFB, RFQ or RFP lists a date and time as its submittal deadline. We must receive your bid or proposal in our business office before that date and time. We will not accept late bids or proposals and we will return them unopened, no exceptions. Whether you are using the regular mail, a delivery service or hand delivering your bid or proposal, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets the submittal deadline. We cannot accept faxed or electronic submittals.

Jefferson Transit selects vendors and awards contracts in an open, competitive process and according to established guidelines. Each solicitation describes the selection process that will apply. If you are not awarded a contract for your bid or proposal, please consider submitting a bid or proposal for the next opportunity. Each solicitation is a new competitive opportunity and each contract award is made through an independent selection process.

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