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  • Remember to set your clocks backward one hour this Sunday, November 6th, 2022 for Day Light Saving Time.

#1 Brinnon / Quilcene / Tri Area Route

Effective: October 25, 2021

#1 Brinnon Accessible Schedule

SCROLL DOWN FOR COMPLETE SCHEDULE AND MAP.  Click on any schedule or map for print view.

Schedule Delays – To comply with  The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Brinnon/Quilcene bus, on request, may deviate up to 3/4 of a mile from its regular route. Bus deviations are only allowed on adequate county roads and streets between SR-104 and Brinnon. Requests for this service may cause schedule delays. Snow conditions may cause interruptions to this service. For more information call 1-360-385-4777.

**For early AM commuter routes, the #7 Poulsbo bus will pick up passengers at the Haines Place Park & Ride at 5:59 am.  The #7 will connect to the #1  route at 63 Four Corners Park & Ride departing at 6:10 am.

Until further notice the #1 Brinnon route will end at the Black Point Turnaround on Saturdays; service to Triton Cove will resume when connecting service to Mason Transit becomes available.




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