• Be a courteous driver and please yield to buses signaling to re-enter traffic. It’s the Law: RCW 46.61.220.

The Biker’s Page

Using bikes, sharing rides and public transit are just some of the green alternatives to driving a car alone.  

Policies & Procedures

Procedures for riders bringing their bikes while traveling on a JTA bus are outlined here:

Bike Policies & Procedures

Bike Lockers

A bike locker is a secure, weatherproof way to store your bike while you complete your trip on a bus, carpool or vanpool.  For a key and unlimited use of a bike locker, you would just need to pay a refundable deposit of $75.00.  There are 10 lockers located at the Haines Place Park & Ride and 4 lockers at the Jefferson Transit depot.

For more information and to check the availability of obtaining a bike locker, please contact Fleet & Facilities Manager by calling 1-360-385-3020 x. 117 or by sending a message in the form submission area.

Please click on the links for an informational flyer, guidelines and agreement. Thank you.

Bike Locker Program & How to Load Your Bike on a Bus 2013
Bike Locker Policy Guidelines 2015
Bike Locker Application & Agreement 2018

Washington State Bicycle Laws Brochure PDF

4 Corners Bike Barn Brochure