Inclement Weather

Winter Weather Plan and Route Deviation Maps  2023-24Brinnon Route Bus Driving In Snow.

When road conditions are snowy or icy, it is common for Jefferson Transit to operate using snow routes instead of regular routing in areas that are susceptible.

  • Always check rider alerts for buses that may be on a deviation route.
  • A rider alert will be posted on our website each weekday by 5:00 AM and on weekends by 6:15 AM, indicating which routes will be deviated.
  • Rider Alerts are updated Periodically throughout the day
  • Check your buses current snow route deviation maps (see below)

Winter Weather Tips:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your bus stop.
  • Use bus stops on main arterial streets
  • If your stop is on a hill, wait for the bus at the top or bottom of the hill, not the middle.
  • Buses may run late, please anticipate that it may take longer to reach your destination.
  • Your bus may slide when it stops. When you see the bus, step back from the curb on the sidewalk or grass. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop then approach the door.
  • Dress warmly.

Below is a link to our Emergency Operations Plan and links to maps of alternate snow routes for each route.  Please click each link to view documents.

2022-23 Emergency Operations Plan


When traveling during inclement weather, please plan ahead.  If you are making connections, please contact your connecting agency before departure to ensure there will be a ride waiting for you on the other end.  Please plan to leave early and anticipate a wait time.  Many routes are behind schedule to ensure safe driving.  Below is a list of connecting agencies for your convenience.

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