• Be a courteous driver and please yield to buses signaling to re-enter traffic. It’s the Law: RCW 46.61.220.

Vanpool Services

Commuter Vanpool

Vanpooling can be an economic alternative on long commutes, particularly if your employer offers a travel subsidy for ridesharing.  If you would like to start a vanpool or are interested in joining one, please contact our Vanpool Coordinator Miranda Nash at 1-360-385-4777.


Jefferson Transit participates in an on-line ridesharing service administered by Washington State Department of Transportation. You can use this service independently of Jefferson Transit by going to www.rideshareonline.com .

Forms for New Vanpool Riders/Drivers
Vanpool Driver Application
Vanpool Agreement
Vanpool Reference Guide
Van Pool Pricing Policy
VanPool Pay Online Guidlines

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