Public Records Request

Jefferson Transit Authority shall disclose public records in compliance with the Public Records Act of the State of Washington, Chapter 42.56 RCW. Public Records Requests should be directed to the Public Records Officer. Public Records Requests can be made by the following:

Phone: (360) 385-3020 x108



Public Records Officer
Jefferson Transit Authority
63 Four Corners Rd.
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Online Form: (below)

NOTE: You will be contacted when the files and/or copies you requested are available. Jefferson Transit may need up to five business days to complete your request OR to provide a date by which the records will be available. Public records not exempt from the Public Records Act are available for copying. Black and white copies for most documents can be made by Jefferson Transit for a fee of $0.15 per page. Copies of non-standard format records, such as videotapes, audiotapes, color copies, blueprints, etc. can be made by Jefferson Transit for the actual cost of such copies. This request for a copy of Public Records will be maintained as a portion of the Public Record. Allowing the inspection and copying of public records by Jefferson Transit is not meant to waive or restrict any copyright, proprietary, or other rights in said documents.



    Public Records Policy/Disclosure Rules

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