Q: How do I know if I am eligible for Dial-A-Ride (DAR) services?
A: If you feel you need DAR service, the first thing to do is call 1-360-385-4777, write or email us to request an application form. Once you apply, eligibility is determined and the application is accepted or denied. Transit will make a determination of eligibility within 21 days. If you feel your application has been wrongly denied, you may appeal the decision. Please click here to go to our Dial-A-Ride information page.

Q: Is Jefferson Transit using the ORCA card system?
A: The ORCA Card Program available on many large urban transit systems has not yet been adopted by Jefferson Transit.  In lieu of the ORCA Card, passengers using Jefferson Transit pay one low, exact-change cash fare for an all-day pass that entitles them to ride the entire Jefferson Transit system.  This all-day pass fare structure also negates the need to consider timed transfers that exist on some of the urban transit systems using the ORCA Card.

As with anyone riding Jefferson Transit buses, passengers in possession of an ORCA Card can purchase an all-day pass for $ 1.50 to ride the Jefferson Transit system.  Passengers in possession of a reduced-fare ORCA Card are able to purchase the same all-day pass for the reduced fare rate of $ 1.00.  Neither situation results in any deductions from the passenger’s ORCA Card balance.

Q: What is a reduced fare permit?  Am I eligible?  Where do I get one?
A: If you’re a senior or a person with a disability, you can ride for less when you use public transportation services to travel around Puget Sound. The Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) is an ID card that entitles you to discount fares on eleven transportation systems (Community Transit, Everett Transit, Intercity Transit, Jefferson Transit, Kitsap Transit, Mason Transit, King County Water Taxi, King County Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, Skagit Transit, Sound Transit, and Washington State Ferries).  Please click here to view our Regional Reduced Fare Permit Information page.

Q: How do I find out about Commuter Vanpool services?
A:  Please visit our Vanpool Program page by clicking here.

Q. Is there a way to get to Sea-Tac Airport by bus?
A:  Jefferson Transit has created a schedule that shows the connection times and fares to get to Sea-Tac by bus.  This route travels via Jefferson Transit, Kitsap Transit, the Washington State Ferries, and the Central Link Light Rail in Downtown Seattle.  The entire trip costs under $10.00.  (A little more on the return trip when you add in Ferry costs).  Please click here to view the current schedule. You can also go here to view connection schedules that include how to get from Port Townsend to Olympia, From Port Angeles to Seattle, and a few others.

Q. Can I bring my pet on the bus?
A. Yes.  Jefferson Transit has a policy about having pets on the buses.  Please click here to view our Bus Service Information page and read our policy on having animals on the bus.   Remember to check with connecting agencies when traveling with a pet as not all Transit Agencies accept pets on the bus.  Service animals are always welcome on Jefferson Transit buses.


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