Statistical Information

Jefferson Transit Authority became operational in 1981 after voter approval to establish the agency and subsequent sales tax levy.  We are a municipal corporation of the State of Washington.  Jefferson Transit’s six-member governing board is comprised of all three Jefferson County Commissioners, two City Council members from the City of Port Townsend, and one non-voting Union member representing JTA Union Members of Amalgamated Transit Union #587.

As of December 2021, Jefferson Transit employed:

  • 32 employees in the Operations Department
  • 10 employees in the Maintenance Department
  • 11 employees in the Administration Department


Current statistics

County Population:  32,221 (per US Census data-2020 actual)
Area:  1803 square miles (per US Census data-2010 actual)
Population Density:  16.6 per square mile (per US Census data-2010 actual)
Employees:  53
Revenue Vehicles: 40
Routes: 9 (8 – East Jefferson County, 1 – West Jefferson County)
Annual Operating Budget:  $3,942,963 (2012)
Annual Capital Budget: $125,000 (2012)

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