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Current Bid and Proposal opportunities

For more information, you may contact Procurement at 360-385-4777    Please incude the project number and title, your business name, mailing address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address and contact name.

If you would like to be added to our vendor list to be notified of future bids or proposals, please go to vendor registration.

RFQ 2019-21JTA EV-Feasibility-Study RFQRequest for Qualification
Electric Vehicle Feasibility Analysis
October 14th, 2019November 6th, 2019Open
BID 2019-22JTA Maintenance Bay Plan RFQ
Request for Qualification
Additional Maintenance Bay Design
September 11th, 2019October 18th, 2019Open
BID 2019-02 JTA Haines Place Restroom Bid Spec
JTA Plans
Invitation for Bid
Haines Place Park and Ride Restroom
July 23rd, 2019August 2nd, 2019Closed
RFQ 2019-08RFQ 2019-08Comprehensive Plan Request for Qualifications May 10th, 2019June 14th, 2019Closed
RFQ 2018-07Invitation to BidRestroom Engineer/Project ManagerOct 8th, 2018Nov 7th, 2018Closed
RFQ 201708Comprehensive Plan RFQComprehensive Plan Request for Qualifications October 12, 2017January 15, 2019Closed
RFQ 201708JTA Comprehensive Plan RFQ
GCB 2291JTA Park & Ride Project GCB 2291JTA Park & Ride Project February 18, 2016March 10, 2016Closed
GCB 2291RFP Jefferson Transit Authority P&R GCB 2291 Project Description
GCB 2291RFP JTA P&R Project GCB 2291 Consultant Selection Submittal Requirements
GCB 2291Public Non-Motorized Access Easement 585138 PGS 5 EASE
GCB 2291Geotechnical Engineering Report
GCB 2291DBE Resolution No 15-05
GCB 2291Conditional Use Permit MLA13-00100-ZON13-00029
20150220-IT-P2015 - JTA Replacement Phone SystemIT, Phone System, NetworkFebruary 23, 2015March 25, 2015Closed
20150220-IT-PSignature Page JTA 2015 - Phone System Replacement
20150220-IT-PRFP - JTA 2015 - Replacement Phone System
20150220-IT-PCosts Worksheet (XLS), JTA 2015 - Replacement Phone System
JTA Radio 2015 - JTA Radio Connectivity ProjectConnection to a newly installed radio towerMay 4, 2015Monday, May 18, 2015 3:00 pmClosed
JTA Radio Addendum 1
JTA Radio Addendum 2
JTA Radio Instructions and Information for Bidders
JTA Radio Invitation to Bid