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2009 Minutes

Scroll down to the document you would like to view and click on the link.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board through the contact form.
Sj Peck
Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board


2009 Authority Board Minutes

Special Meeting 12-30-09

2009 Authority Board Resolutions

Resolution 09-01  Resolution Curtailing Sunday Service to Poulsbo
Resolution 09-02  Amendment to Cooperative Agreement GCA-5534
Resolution 09-03  Adopt of Plan to Insure Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act
Resolution 09-04  Resolution to Establish a Finance Subcommittee
Resolution 09-05  Adopting New Fare Structure: No Action Taken
Resolution 09-06  Adopting Transit Development Plan ’09-’14
Resolution 09-07  Amend 6-Year Transportation Improvement Plan ’09-’14
Resolution 09-08  Awarding Services Contract for Lodging for the Hood Canal Mitigation Project
Resolution 09-09  Awarding Services Contract for Security for the Hood Canal Mitigation Project
Resolution 09-10  Adopting New Fare Structure
Resolution 09-11  Adopting DBE Program Goal
Resolution 09-12  Adopting a Policy for Public Service Announcements Inside Buses
Resolution 09-13  Resolution Honoring Contributions to the CAC
Resolution 09-14  Adopting New Fare Structure Policy for Commuter Vanpools
Resolution 09-15  Resolution Revising Standing Cash Practices
Resolution 09-16  Adopting A Policy for Donating Accrued General Leave
Resolution 09-17  Resolution to Declare the Intention to Dispose of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 09-18 Receipt of Grant Funds Authorizing the Board Chair to sign GCA-5956
Resolution 09-19  Adopting a Bus Roadeo Cash Award policy
Resolution 09-20  Resolution to Amend 2009 Budgets
Resolution 09-21  Declaration and Disposition of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 09-22  Adopting a Policy of Animals on Transit Vehicles
Resolution 09-23  Revising Policy of Complaints on Unfair Competition
Resolution 09-24  Adopting a Carry-On Limits Policy
Resolution 09-25  Implementing a Non-Represented Mobility Coordinator Position
Resolution 09-26  Authorizing Chair to Sign and Execute Grant Agreement GCA-6174
Resolution 09-27  Authorizing Chair to Sign and Execute Grant Agreement GCA-6337
Resolution 09-28  Joint Purchasing Agreement with eCityGov Alliance Partners
Resolution 09-29  Commending Staff and Community Members Aiding in an Assault against a Jefferson Transit Operator
Resolution 09-30  Authorizing Board Chair to Execute Agreement GCA-6175
Resolution 09-31  Authorizing Expansion of Dial-a-Ride Service Area
Resolution 09-32 Resolution to Approve a Comprehensive Fixed Route Service Revision
Resolution 09-33  Resolution to Adopt 2010 Budgets
Resolution 09-34 Resolution to Declare the Intention to Dispose of Surplus Personal Property
Resolution 09-35  Receipt of Grants Authorizing Board Chair to Execute the First Amendment to GCA-5956




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